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"Marlene Ginader played Réza.  She brought out a lot of laughter and was notably one of the most daring dancer/violinists I’ve ever seen.  She threw herself into every moment of the choreography and it gave each of her scenes a shot of pure energy." - Sarah Weaver, NY Theatre Guide (Once National Tour)

"Marlene Ginader is hilariously endearing as Ace's nerdy best friend, Daphney" - Steve Barnes, Times Union (Beau, Adirondack Theatre Festival,)

“Marlene Ginader’s stage presence was impossible to ignore” - John Jane, Review Vancouver (Once, Arts Club Theatre)

"Marlene Ginader was an amazing standout as the feisty Czech beauty who knows how to get what she wants." - Susan McAfee-White, New Mexico Entertainment (Once National Tour)

“…the incredibly foxy and super talented Marlene Ginader is a hilarious showstopper.” - Jo Ledingham Theatre Reviews (Once, Arts Club Theatre)

"Marlene Ginader is a rare and gifted actor and dancer. She nailed Joan of Arc as one of the highlights of the evening. It was so immediate I thought I was hearing breaking news. When Kayvon Kelly sang Chelsea Hotel, Marlene‘s dance was nothing short of sublime." - Jason Hall, Vancouver Observer (Chelsea Hotel, Firehall Arts Centre)

“Marlene Ginader as Reza, is an electrifying and sexy-dancing violin player” - Erin Jane, Review Vancouver (Once, Arts Club Theatre)

“Marlene Ginader can play the violin and dance at the same time, for God’s sake.” - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight (Chelsea Hotel, Firehall Arts Centre)

“Marlene Ginader’s Reza — reminiscent of her chops in Chelsea Hotel — is a force of nature to be reckoned with : her fiddle playing is wholly in-the-groove while her Czech accent and tough-girl demeanor are consistent fun.” - Broken Leg Reviews (Once, Arts Club Theatre)

“Marlene Ginader is very good as Tina. Her solid, grounded performance makes clear how genuinely tough Tina’s choices are and how complicated her feelings about Bobby remain.” - Jerry Wasserman, The Province (Tough!)

"Marlene Ginader’s violin playing — and her sweet-voiced rendition of “If it Be Your Will” — is pure heartstrings"  - Alisa Gordaneer, CVV Mag (Chelsea Hotel, Arts Club Canadian Tour)

“…Marlene Ginader digs deeper for a satisfyingly thorough understanding of her characters confusion.” - Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun (Tough!)

“Marlene Ginader is innoculously beautiful to watch. She first seems to float down from the mountain of crumpled paper after appearing first as musical supporting cast on violin, and her character The Lover, takes on increasingly important dynamics.” - Toddish McWong (Chelsea Hotel)

“Memorable moments include Marlene Ginader choosing one of the three boxes. Laugh out loud funny and brilliantly over the top. It just worked.” - Marta Baranowska, Plank Magazine (The Merchant of Venice, Studio 58)

“As Tina, Marlene Ginader is soft, conflicted, hurt and angry, but shows just enough of Tina’s strength to lead us to believe she will make it somehow.” - Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier (Tough!)

“Marlene Ginader was suitably vapid as Mary Lou Sokoloff and energetic as the player in the country music band.” - [Re]view from the House (Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Arts Club Theatre)



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